Ideally holiday memories should include the Christmas carols and toasty nights by the fire. In reality, there is always tons of drama and stress around the holiday season ( at least for my family at least). However, stress is part of the fun for me. When I am fighting through crowds of shoppers trying to find the perfect gift or meticulously wrapping each oddly shaped gift I always imagine the holiday bliss of being with my loved ones and simply being happy (to keep sane). Unfortunately, the holiday season leaves no free time at all. Therefore, here I am wishing fellow Internet users happy holidays! Also, this post is going to b a brief sum of my holiday rush…



So this is a loom and people use it to make some really complex interesting charms or bracelets (to name a few things) and my stepsister taught me how to use it. I planned on displaying my mad skills ,but soon found out I had none so there’s a picture of the loom…



I attempted to create some holiday treats and once again my talent was nonexistent in this area. Nevertheless the taste was the same.

That’s about it sorry for the rush and absence and possible grammatical errors 🙂 and comment your own holiday experience I’d love to read them!


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