Holiday Season Nail Design

Like the ever so creative title this post is exactly what is stated above. Let’s get started:


I decided to do a collage to easily organize and make this post look super professional ( did it work?). Also please ignore my insanely dry fingers the winter air really gets to them. Starting in the bottom left corner,
I usually start with a scarp piece of paper to plan my design possibilities. Once I decide the color scheme and design I get started! I clean my nails with acetone or any nail polish remover. Then, apply a base coat the one I used is pictured above the bottom left picture. Next, I apply the desired color again my polish is pictured above the last one. Then, I apply my design in this case I applied the glitter(picture in top center spot) more densely at the tips and less condensed as I neared my finger creating an ombré effect. Finally, I applied a top coat and waited for everything to set and dry. Voila easily achieved nail art that required little to no work but still looks great. Hope this helps ! Bye for now


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